The Association of Creative Initiatives „ę”

Creating the world, in which people with passion act for themselves and others.

We have been running socio-cultural projects all over Poland since 2002. We support initiatives of the young („Young Managers of Culture”) and seniors („Seniors in action”). We help young artists („Film preschool”, „Videonotations”, „Photopresentations”, „Snapshots”, „Poland.doc”). We encourage cultural institutions to implement changes („ZOOM on the cuntural centers”). We produce social and artistic projects, train, give grants, publish books. We create and promote new models for action in the realm of culture. We envigorate the socio-cultural space of Warsaw; realize projects, which are built upon our passion and obserations of the world around us. We remain loyal to important values: autheticity, high quality and getting satisfaction out of what we do.

Marta Białek-Graczyk
President of the Board
+48 608 378 742